Total points: 0 Class: Stock

    1. Power, Engine, and Drivetrain


    0.000 Any year OEM intake box (updating or backdating invididual OEM components OK) undefined
    0.125 Aftermarket intake or modification to OEM intake system box (sound generator delete OK, intake elbow modification [single radius only] OK), including replacing system as mandated by Forced Induction Street
    0.250 Individual throttle bodies (ITBs) -- NOTE: This item is subject to mid-year point value alteration as more data becomes available Street

    Exhaust Manifold (header)

    0.000 OEM 2013-2016 exhaust manifold undefined
    0.125 OEM 2017+ exhaust manifold undefined
    0.125 Aftermarket exhaust manifold with built-in catalytic converter (not allowed in Stock Class) Street
    0.250 Aftermarket exhaust manifold without built-in catalytic converter (not allowed in Stock Class) Street

    Front Pipe

    0.000 OEM front pipe undefined
    0.125 Aftermarket front pipe with a catalytic converter Street
    0.250 Aftermarket front pipe without a catalytic converter Street

    Cat-back or Axle-back Exhaust

    0.000 OEM cat-back exhaust undefined
    0.000 Aftermarket cat-back exhaust undefined

    Engine Types

    0.000 Any year OEM, unmodified FA20 engine with all factory parts undefined
    4.500 Engine swap (can be ANY engine, must take points individually for modifications non-OEM to that specific engine or the original chassis, e.g. headers, intake, etc.) Street

    FA20 internals

    1.000 Internal engine modifications (pistons, rods, crank, etc.) Street

    FA20 cylinder head

    0.500 Built head or aftermarket head (cams, valve springs, valves, etc.) Street

    ECU programming

    0.000 Re-programming of OEM ECU with an updated or backdated OEM ECU map undefined
    0.500 Aftermarket ECU, or re-programming of OEM ECU with a custom ECU map (not allowed in Stock Class) Street

    Forced Induction

    1.500 Any forced induction kit (turbo, supercharger, ESC, etc). Must take separate penalties for ECU, intake and/or header as applicable (not allowed in Stock Class) Street


    0.250 Use of E85 gas - without Forced Induction (not allowed in Stock Class) Street
    0.500 Use of E85 gas - with Forced Induction (not allowed in Stock Class) Street

    Clutch, Flywheel and Pressure Plate

    0.000 OEM or OEM-like clutch, flywheel and pressure plate undefined
    0.000 Aftermarket performance clutch, flywheel or pressure plate Street


    0.000 OEM transmission undefined
    0.500 Aftermarket transmission or modified OEM transmission internals Street


    0.000 OEM driveshaft undefined
    0.250 Aftermarket driveshaft Street


    0.000 OEM limited slip differential - OEM or aftermarket covers OK undefined
    0.250 Aftermarket limited slip differential Street

    Final Drive

    0.000 Any year OEM final drive (4.1/4.3 6MT, 4.1 Auto) undefined
    0.000 Aftermarket final drive Street

    2. Wheels and Tires

    Tire Compound

    -1.000 GT Radial SX2/HPY, OEM sized Michelin Primacy and OEM sized Michelin PS4 undefined
    0.000 Treadwear rating of 220 or higher, included in pre-approved tire list (see rulebook) Street
    1.000 Treadwear rating of 100 to 200, included in pre-approved tire list (see rulebook) Street
    2.000 Treadwear rating of 60 to 80, and also: Bridgestone RE-71R, BFGoodrich Rival-S, Yokohama A052, Nexen SUR4G, Nankang AR-1 and others, please check pre-approved tire list in rulebook Street
    3.500 Treadwear rating of 0 to 50, included in pre-approved tire list (see rulebook) Street
    4.500 Non-DOT slicks, included in pre-approved tire list (see rulebook) Unlimited

    Tire Width

    0.000 225 width or narrower undefined
    0.000 235 width or wider (not allowed in Stock Class) Street


    0.000 7" OEM wheels undefined
    0.250 7.5" OEM wheels (BRZ Performance Package, STI, TRD) undefined
    0.500 7"-7.5" aftermarket wheels undefined
    0.750 8" aftermarket wheels undefined
    1.000 8.5" aftermarket wheels Street
    1.250 9" aftermarket wheels Street
    1.500 9.5"+ aftermarket wheels Street

    3. Aerodynamics

    Main Front Aero

    0.250 Level 1 Front Aero: aftermarket front bumper or aftermarket lip, including TRD and STi (must not have splitter built-in) Street
    0.750 Level 2 Front Aero: full front aero package -- anything more than a simple lip or bumper; may include spats/fender skirts, canards/dive planes, splitters, etc. (not allowed in Stock Class) Street


    0.125 Each pair of bumper canards / dive planes, when not combined with L2 front aero package Street


    0.125 Each pair of spats / fender skirts, when not combined with L2 front aero package Street
    0.000 OEM STI rear spats Street

    Rear Diffuser

    0.250 Level 1 Rear Aero: rear diffuser that starts behind rear axles (not allowed in Stock Class) Street
    0.500 Level 2 Rear Aero: rear diffuser that starts in front of rear axles (not allowed in Stock Class) Street
    0.000 OEM STI Rear Faux Diffuser Add On undefined

    Aftermarket hood

    0.250 Aftermarket vented hood, or OEM hood with aftermarket vents Street


    0.000 Rolled OEM fenders undefined
    0.125 Aftermarket vented or wider front fenders Street

    Rear bumper

    0.125 Aftermarket or modified/cut OEM rear bumper Street

    Vortex generators

    0.125 Vortex generators Street

    OEM Rear Spoilers

    0.000 Any year OEM rear spoiler (incl. 2017+) undefined

    Aftermarket Rear Spoilers

    0.250 Aftermarket rear spoiler (e.g. 5-axis, TRD, duckbill-style trunk, STI gurney flap, etc) Street

    Rear Wing

    1.000 Level 1 Wing: SARD LSR, BRZ tS wing, or aftermarket wing up to 1400mm width, max stand height of 200mm (not allowed in Stock Class) Street
    1.500 Level 2 Wing: APR GTC-200, Voltex Type 12, Voltex Type 1S or any wing up to 1460mm wide, max stand height of 245mm (not allowed in Stock Class) Street
    1.750 Level 3 Wing: Any non L1/L2 rear wing (not allowed in Stock Class) Street

    Underbody Panels

    0.000 OEM underbody panels (2013-2016 special editions and 2017+) undefined

    4. Suspension

    Shock Absorbers and Springs

    0.000 Any year OEM shock absorbers and springs undefined
    0.250 OEM Sachs shock absorbers (BRZ Performance Package) undefined
    0.500 Aftermarket springs with any year OEM shock absorbers Street
    0.500 Aftermarket shock absorbers with any year OEM springs Street
    1.000 Aftermarket off-the-shelf* non-adjustable** shock absorbers with aftermarket springs. *'Off-the-shelf' means same feature set and valving spec as offered to the public. **'Non-adjustable' means lack of user controls for compression and/or rebound adjustment. Street
    2.000 Aftermarket shock absorbers with aftermarket springs (if using camber plates, take extra points separately) Street

    Active Dampers

    1.500 Any active or semi-active damping adjustment including Tein EDFC Active Street

    Anti Roll Bars

    0.000 Any OEM or aftermarket passive anti roll bar undefined

    Front Suspension Adjustment

    0.000 OEM shock absorber top hats / mounts undefined
    0.375 Aftermarket top hats / shock absorber mounts (e.g. solid or spherical) / camber plates, and/or Aftermarket front lower control arms (FLCA) undefined

    Rear Suspension Adjustment

    0.125 Any rear lower control (camber) arms undefined

    Camber Bolts

    0.000 Any camber bolts undefined

    Altered supension mounting points

    0.500 Any altered suspension mounting points, including offset mounts and/or offset spring perches Street

    5. Breaks

    0.000 Aftermarket brake calipers, Brembo performance brake package undefined

    6. Free modifications

    0.000 Any in-cabin safety equipment undefined
    0.000 Any replacement drop-in air filter for OEM intake undefined
    0.000 Aftermarket radiator undefined
    0.000 Any oil-cooler undefined
    0.000 Any brake pads undefined
    0.000 Any interior removal as needed to accommodate safety equipment undefined
    0.000 Any alignment, and camber bolt/kit, bump steer kit, tie rod end, roll center adjuster, but not camber plates or top hats undefined
    0.000 Any bolt-on chassis bracing undefined
    0.000 Aftermarket steering wheel: only if R/H/S are installed for driver (otherwise prohibited) undefined
    0.000 Any oil-catch can, oil baffle pan undefined
    0.000 Any lightweight battery (not allowed in Stock Class) Street
    0.000 Any spherical bushings including strut top mounts undefined